Figuring Life Out

There are times when life just pushes us to the ground and there are those times when we just don’t want to get up. On the other hand there are times when life just feels amazing and everything is going great. Life is a roller coaster and we don’t know when there will be a curve ball that hits us right in the face and we don’t know when life will give us a break and give us a hug. There are so many things in life that we can’t control, and sometimes there are things we can control. I feel like life is something we will never figure out, but it is something that we can try to live life to its fullest. A lot of people hear that they should live life to its fullest and take it in a thought of how their lives aren’t good and what is the point of living up to its fullest. Everyone says that life is hard and it just feels like life will never give them a break and there are so many curve balls thrown at them.

I’ve experienced life hitting me with curve balls all the time and it just made me feel like I shouldn’t get up anymore. My great uncle recently passed during the summer of 2015; it was recent and it hurts to think about him. Life felt good before because I just got hired for a job and just started trainings for the summer. When my great uncle died, life started to feel dark and gloomy, and life hit me with a huge curve ball because this was the first funeral I’d ever gone to. In my family, we never talked about the loss of any family members and we would keep all of our feelings in. The day of the funeral was probably one of the gloomiest days in my life and it was an emotional day for my family. I felt stuck; I just felt like I didn’t even want to get up from the gloominess from the death of my great uncle. But I found a way out, that job that I was hired to be a Peer Ambassador with the First year Success Program was where I found people who were like a second family to me. My FYS family helped me out of my gloominess and they helped me grieve through the death in my family. I had the time to grieve and have the support of my friends in First Year Success and my family.

Like I said, life does push us to the ground but we should find a way to get up and make life a little better. A lot of the little things could make people’s day, like just smiling at other people or even hold the door for someone. The thing that helped me get out of my sadness was just going to work with my FYS family and seeing all of their smiling faces. I just want to say, life will feel like a roller coaster but try to find a way to enjoy life and be happy because happiness is contagious!


Corey Ho

Peer Ambassador

First Year Success

Metropolitan State University

Student Success Building 217

Facebook: PA Corey Ho

Instagram: the_pa_life




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