A Post-Election Message from Dr. Jordan

Dear members of the MSU Denver community,

Many of us are still processing Tuesday’s national election, and the next few days are likely to be filled with high emotion and, for many, anxiety.

I want to affirm that MSU Denver is a place where we can hold deep divisions in opinion, but treat each other with respect and affection. Open, honest, civil debate on differing viewpoints, ideas and issues is a cornerstone of higher education and our democracy. I trust that our post-election conversations—in and out of the classroom—will demonstrate our capacity to listen to each other and respect the diversity of opinions and emotions we have.

I also want to ensure you that nothing in the national election changes MSU Denver’s commitment to its core values of community, access, diversity and respect, nor does it change our commitment to support to all members of our community. We must also remind ourselves that election rhetoric is a long way from actual policy, and that we hold all members of our community–with or without documentation, regardless of immigration status or religious affiliation—as full and protected members, and I want to take this opportunity to affirm my unqualified commitment to policies and practices that support their participation in our academic community. And, we have no intention of ever abandoning these commitments.

President Obama, President-elect Trump and Secretary Clinton have all called for unity. Let us join them.

Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D.


Metropolitan State University of Denver



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