Here Goes Nothing “I DO NOT write very well.”

That exact thought came to my head when they told me I would have to write a blog. A lot of ideas came to my head or should I say oodles of ideas, tons of ideas, mass amount of ideas …  I mean how do you choose when a thesaurus gives you a bunch of options to pick from?





For the past few years, or really most of my academic life, I’ve always been doubtful about my writing, including now as I’m writing this blog. (But I guess it’s not that bad since I’ve managed to survive.)

As a college student close to graduating, I’ve always asked myself, how did I do it? You know those 15-20 or even 30 page research papers… I can’t tell you with certainty, but I DID IT. And I know you can too (yikes, did I just start a sentence with and?) I know I’m not the only one who has had to search grammar rules on the internet such as what is the difference between TO and TOO? or check this one out How do I use a comma? And surprisingly somehow another person has had the same question and you always seem to find the answer on Yahoo answers.  Don’t feel discouraged if writing is not your strongest subject, take it from a PRO. I don’t know everything when it comes to writing but I’ve still managed to get through school, or should I say close enough since I haven’t graduated yet.

  1. Read

Reading is your best friend!!! If you want your vocabulary to expand make sure to read. “But reading is so boring, it’s not my favorite thing, I don’t have time”. Excuses, excuses, excuses! Just because we managed to get through high school without reading doesn’t mean we will do the same through college. College is hard and you have to put time and effort to get that degree.


One of the most important things I have learned in college is to accept criticism. I tend to take things very personal including comments from my professors. Every time I would turn in a paper and I would get it back I would dispose of it into the pile of shame.  I would never see it ever again. It took me a while to realize that the comments my professors were writing on my paper where not meant to be taken personally, but rather to help me grow as a writer. Also, this just shows how much your professor cares and how invested they are in your education.

  1. Writing Center?

Yes indeed!  Do you ever just think, what a good idea it would be if you used the resources that you are paying for? Don’t just let your money go to waste; actually take advantage of the resources you are paying for. The Writing Center is a resource I discovered my sophomore year here at MSU Denver. Confession time: I only went to get extra credit. Did I go back? Yes I did, and I will continue to do so until I graduate. It is a great resource; their staff will work with you and make sure that your paper is ready to be marked with an A.

  1. Believe!

I can’t tell you how many students have come to me expressing their concerns about how many papers they have to write in their English and Research classes. If you’re bilingual like me, writing a paper in English is even harder but if you think that you can skip or pass a class without writing, you got that wrong my friend. WE’RE in COLLEGE! I know that college is hard, but don’t let writing get in between you and getting that Bachelor’s degree… So BELIEVE in yourself. I believed in myself and I believe that you can do it.


Now go on and start writing that paper. One last thing DO NOT procrastinate and leave your paper until the last minute.


Good Luck




P.S. Did you know that I asked for someone to edit this blog before it got ‘published’?

P.P.S. Although this blog may not be term-paper ready, it is acceptable for a blog post, errors and all!


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  1. Janine Martinez says:

    Melissa, I have the same problem , I’m not as confident in my writing/grammar much less my confidence.
    At 37 years old, my husband Jeff gave me the best advice ” If you say or think you can’t, then you can’t”!!! So I try to stop saying I can’t and knowing that I can even at 45yrs old.

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  2. Efren Acevedo says:

    Melissa, I really love this piece. This really proves that others are not alone in their confusion with grammar.

    Liked by 1 person

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