Don’t Blink

When school started last week, I started to feel a little emotional. I realized that this was the first August since I was five years old that I was not going back to school. I graduated from MSU Denver last December, and I have been working in First Year Success since then.  When I graduated back in December, I never thought I would be sad when everyone was going back to school as I watched from my office window.

When I started at MSU Denver four years ago, I remember just wanting it to be graduation day. I took eighteen credit hours for multiple semesters, and wanted to rush through the whole college experience. I ended up graduating in three-and-a-half years, and as I am sitting here writing this, I am wondering where the time went.

I truly miss the first week of school, and meeting everyone who I would be spending the next sixteen weeks with. Bonds that are formed with classmates are very special, and you get to share the experience of learning and growing together.

Your professors are also people whose knowledge and helpfulness are things you should take advantage of while you’re still in college. They are the best resource you have, now and in the future.

So as you are starting your first or last semester here at MSU Denver, try to soak it all up and enjoy it. Say hi to the stranger sitting next to you in class, because they could end up being your new best friend or a study buddy.

Do not be the student who parks your car, goes to class, and immediately leaves. Go to a basketball game, join a club, or find a job on campus. Being involved here on campus is more important than going home and watching Netflix.

Finishing college in a timely matter is important to save money but also to be able to use your hard-earned degree in your career of choice. I have never wished I took more time on my college experience; but I do wish I took a minute to stop and appreciate the opportunity I had to go to this school.

The journey is just as important as the goal at the end.  And, as one of my favorite country songs says, “Don’t blink.”


Sarah Carpenter, FYS Events Coodinator


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